About Us

The River Thames Society (RTS) has existed since 1962, and was formed by people who wanted to improve the Thames. The RTS has River Wardens, volunteers who look after reaches of the Thames. The idea of making a Guide to the Natural Thames came from the River Wardens’ love and knowledge of the river. The River Thames Society is the independent voice of the river and has more information on www.riverthamessociety.org.uk

The Thames Rivers Trust (TRT) is an environmental charity dedicated to improving the Thames and its tributaries to benefit people and wildlife. It was established in 1986 as the Thames Salmon Trust. In 2008 it took a wider interest in the management of the entire Thames river basin, working in partnership with other river conservation organizations. It was also called the Thames Rivers Restoration Trust until 2012. For more information see www.trt.org.uk

We have honoured with the award of the John Coleman Trophy 2012 by the Thames Heritage Trust for the work to protect and promote the River Thames.

The Guide to the Natural Thames is a work in progress. We will always be grateful to receive your observations, corrections and additional information (see How you can Help and Contact Us).  A book is published by Adlard Coles (Bloomsbury Publishing plc) .